White women’s burden

 Take up the white woman’s burden

Screech “oppression” from your neocolonial soapbox

All the world’s women are yours to save

From their own people.


Fly in on the back of a drone

Or maybe the white horse of military intervention,

Smiling benevolently,

Offering your “sisterhood” with one hand

As you hold the white man’s hand with the other.


Reduce them to the “veil”

And then try to yank it off.

Shower them with birth control,

Little pills of “emancipation”,

While their homelands are showered with your bombs.

Women should have the choice, right?

(But only the one’s we give them)


Whisper in their ears, the problem is your Islam

Your fathers, your brothers, your husbands,

Your country, your culture,


The problem is you.


Not this treacherous sisterhood,

This fake solidarity,

Not this “War on Terror” that liberates women

by turning their bodies into


Not violence. Not silence.

The problem is you.


Divide and conquer

The colonizers knew it well, so do the

White liberal feminists.

But in the end, even they don’t win —

Empire does.